Interior Design by Misty McFadden

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We pride ourselves on designing with-in a budget, and commercial design is no exception. We understand that branding your business is important. As well giving your employees an experience to allow them to enjoy and have pride in their workplace. When your clients and customers visit your establishment, we want them to have a sense of what your business stands for, and what clients you are trying to attract.


We have access to hundreds of designer furnishings, textiles, lighting, and hard surface materials through our "to-the-trade" sources. We have built trusted relationships with local trades and professionals to help execute a beautiful space, be that a baby nursery, kitchen/bath or full house renovation. 



We know you love your things, and might have invested in purchasing lovely furnishings already, but you just need help arranging, and accessorizing. We can shop for accessories and restyle your entire space in just a few hours. We understand scale, proportions, creating amazing vignettes, and rearranging to give a perfect sense of balance and beauty.



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